The Joy of Thinking Foundation


Az alábbiakban egy kísérleti program leírását olvashatod. Célunk, hogy a diákokat közelebb hozzuk az informatika valódi világához.


The education of computer science receives little attention: only some programming skills at most are taught in school and only algorithms appear during competitions.

Though these are undoubtedly important they don’t say anything about how an organization solving real problems works e.g. how an unfinished doctoral thesis turned into the world’s greatest search-engine, and how a company found out what actually makes smartphones functional. Also in general: how does one design a software? What makes a good program? How does one start solving a problem? How does one find the right problems to solve in the first place?

Knowledge of this kind is rarely mentioned, although it constitutes an essential part of software developing and creative work in general. Like other skills, this one can also be developed. A difficult and laborious task, although entertaining as well.

What do the events look like?

Opening weekend camp. The aim of the camp is that everyone choose a project according to their interests. They already start working on their solutions in the camps with the guidance of mentors.

Everyone is working on a different project (either individually or in pairs,) with different tools – therefore everyone learns a different technology, and eventually the students can even learn from each other. Mentors with different areas of expertise help them implement their plans. Finding a suitable mentor for their goals is the students’ responsibility.

Weekday events. The students primarily work on their projects at home with the distant supervision of mentors. However, the students have the opportunity to personally meet their mentors and listen to interesting lectures during the year at weekday programs. These events are organized on a monthly basis at a date chosen by the group members.

Closing weekend camp. At the end of the school year, which is also the deadline to complete each individual project, we organize another weekend camp, where everyone presents their project.

The aim of the events

We regard the camp as successful if by the end of the year:

  • You have completed and published a useful program.
  • You have acquired a basic knowledge of software design and development.
  • You are able to think in terms of products and users, not only programming.
  • You are able to start a completely new project, deciding what is useful and what isn’t and can find the necessary information on the internet and via relevant people.
  • You got to know 5-10 other like-minded children and a few mentors.
  • You had fun. 🙂

The aim of the camp is not to improve performance at competitions.