The Joy of Thinking Foundation

Donations and Support

The most straightforward way to support the goals and operations of our Foundation is via donations to the account below.

Name: A Gondolkodás Öröme Alapítvány
Account number for local transfers: 11600006-00000000-67814154
IBAN for international transfers: HU50 1160 0006 0000 0000 6781 4154

While decisions regarding the use of donations are ultimately made by the Advisory Board, we are open for the support of any initiative in line with the goals of the Foundation. If you have specific ideas – concrete, still in inception stage, or otherwise – regarding the use of your donation, do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your goals and ideas.

The same way we do not intend to limit the potential goals of any support, we are open for all forms of support as well. We frequently use supporting and motivational tools in our educational and talent-specific activities; furthermore, besides education, we have a special emphasis on building a strong community in our camps. Consequently, a significant proportion of our expenses are made up by our regularly renewed board game stash, various sport tools, and chocolate and sweets.
We also hope to be at the forefront of experimenting with and testing novel educational tools. In this spirit, we welcome tools, applications, and similar forms of support as well.

Therefore, if you are considering supporting a concrete goal, event, or anything else, or the form of support is different from standard donations, we kindly ask you to contact us at We believe that new ideas will broaden our own horizon too and will enrich our work with new elements.

Regarding non-standard or targeted donations, we think it is important to clarify that ultimate decisions are made by the Advisory Board, whose members take full responsibility for decisions and their consequences.

We are extremely grateful for any and all help from our supporters, and we find it important to express this gratitude. We would be happy to include you on our Supporters page; in addition, we also welcome the story and background of your support, motivation, and goals, which, given permission, we would be delighted to publish on our web site as part of our Partnership Program.

For regular support, we recommend you have a look at our Partnership Program for further details.