The Joy of Thinking Foundation

Partnership Program

We would like to consider our Supporters whose continued support enable us to focus undisturbed on the activities and goals of the Foundation.
For this reason, we would like to build a Partnership Program with continued feedback and communication for supporters who wish to understand the Foundation’s activities at a deeper level, and who wish to participate in those by means available to them.

Above all, we would like to publish our Supporters’ and Partners’ thoughts and opinions regarding the operations of our Foundation on our web site. In general, we welcome feedback at all times, and the part of it intended for the public can also be edited and extended at any time.

As a further channel for contact and communication, we intend to organise professional discussions. Rather than conferences on talent education, our vision is around potentially subject-specific, but generally informal events, where our Partners can meet with each other, and we can together shape the direction of our Foundation through discussions of current and conceptional questions. Hence, what is a formality in our Foundation Certificate, is a true value in our actual operations: that is, our Foundation is open, and supporters can join in our efforts.

The same way transparency is a core value in our operations, it is our pleasure to publicly report our cooperative efforts with regular supporters as well. For this reason our Partners can emphasize on which of our activities they focus primarily.

Besides support, we are also open for professional partnerships. We consider professional work in cooperation with private individuals and organisations in talent care, education, or other areas in line with our Foundation’s goals as one of the possible great culminations of our Partnership Program.