The Joy of Thinking Foundation

What Is It All About?

The Foundation’s primary objective is to support gifted students in fully developing their talents, reaching their goals in life, and become a useful member of society. We also support people and organizations who help us in these endeavours.

Our goals:
● Discovering and making contact with talented students in any and all Hungarian communities around the world (including those who contact us via their teachers or parents, as well as those whom we have discovered through our own connections).
● Furthering these students’ abilities in math camps, math circles, one-on-one sessions, or small group activities.
● Helping their everyday lives by all possible means, including financial support.
● Paying extra attention to searching for disadvantaged students, and using focused methods for their training.
● Making our approach (including the concept of teaching mathematics through discovery) well-known and respected among teachers, by providing training for university students and continuing education opportunities for mathematics teachers.

Current activities

Our most important immediate goals are maintaining the weekend math camps (started by Lajos Pósa in 1988) at a very high standard, and providing a stable financial background for the Math is Fun! camps (abbreviated MaMuT in Hungarian) started in 2004.

We are working on expanding both of these activities by making them available for as many students as possible, so they can get acquainted with the novel ways of learning offered in the camps. We also wish to increase the number of teachers involved in the program, with the hope of giving them the necessary background to start their own camps.

Furthermore, we organize math circles at various schools, and provide focused training (at ELTE and BSM) to teach certain elements of the method.

Further goals

As soon as we garner sufficient support to expand our activities, we plan to concentrate on the following objectives:

● Broadening the interpretation of talent to include all students who wish to participate.
● Developing a mathematics curriculum based on the philosophy of learning through discovery, running experimental classes, and writing textbooks, with the broader vision of impacting mathematics education at large.
● Bringing together students with different talents (via camps, math circles, etc) in order to make them committed to sharing their knowledge and allowing others to benefit from it.
● Extending our programs beyond mathematics through the involvement of teachers of various disciplines.
● Connecting with foreign experts in the field of gifted education. Organizing math camps in various languages in Hungary and abroad.

Long term plans

Our long term plans include:
● Strengthening the link between mathematics and informatics education, developing the two together through camps and other group activities.
● Creating written and audiovisual materials to promote our work and our philosophy.
● Giving career advice to talented graduates.
● Funding and organizing mathematical competitions.
● Editing and publishing problem sets from various mathematical competitions.
● Funding the research and development of mathematics education.
● Providing research scholarships.
● Building collaborations with national and international organizations committed to gifted education, and providing funds towards participation at international symposia.
● Supporting publication of Hungarian and foreign mathematical textbooks and journals.
● Translating and providing foreign materials on mathematics education to schools of all levels.